There’s No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

Today I lost my shit. I’ve been losing my hair the past couple of weeks (yea, I’m at THAT stage of post-pregnancy!), but today I actually lost my shit. It all started, well…yesterday really. Yesterday when I ended my 12 hour day with my two kids (with no help from my husband because he was working) and headed to the store to grocery shop for the week. When I finally made it into bed at 11:00, I was just about to doze off when my baby girl ever so sweetly woke me with a cry that was simply music to my ears. This was repeated again at 2:30 and then again at 5:45 when I got up this morning for the day.The 5 hours of broken sleep wasn’t what got me though. It wasn’t the fact that my husband was working long hours today again either…or that my 4-month old wouldn’t let me put her down all day without crying…or that my 2-year old spilled her entire cup of milk all over her body while I was nursing…or that my 2-year old refused to eat the dinner I slaved over for an hour for the third night in a row. No, no, no…it wasn’t those things. What really caused me to lose my shit was when I was giving my 4-month old daughter a bath tonight. As I carried her bare bottom through the bathroom door, the sound of running water signaled her to pee all over my sweatshirt. As I bathed her with pee all over my right side, my 2-year old who wanted to help, decided to dump water all down her shirt and start screaming for a new one. That’s when IT happened….”Why are you screaming?!? You have a little water on your sleeve! MY SWEATSHIRT IS SOAKED IN PEE!”….Shit lost.

Of course after the kids were in bed, this was nothing that a little…well kind of a lot of Chardonnay couldn’t fix. And to top it off, I paired it with a can of frosting. What?…Chardonnay is a dessert wine, isn’t it?

I’m going back to work on Thursday and all I can think about is how the hell am I going to do this after a full day of working with preschoolers. If my hair is gray by Christmas, it won’t be because I’m trying to be a Mrs. Claus look alike, but if I gain 40 pounds it WILL be because I want to be like Santa. He’s a jolly guy, right?

The truth is, that no matter how difficult life may get, God always has a plan in mind for us. Sometimes we just have to ask God to take away our weakness and give us his strength. Perhaps the prayers from this link can help us do just that…….

10 Mom Prayers (Click Here for the Prayers)


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