The 5 P’s

Like most working moms (and stay-at-home moms too), I often find myself overwhelmed with keeping up with IT ALL- Housework, cooking, being a good mom, being a good wife, and making time for myself. Recently I came across a “5 P’s Questionnaire.” Each “P” represents 5 common categories that we as moms may find ourselves trying to balance in life. The “5 P’s” include prayer, person, partner, parent, and provider.

Here is the questionnaire…

1. Prayer
Am I praying daily?
Do I dedicate my full attention to prayer?
Do we incorporate family prayer into our daily lives?
Do I have a set prayer time that I honor, even when it’s difficult?
Do I attend mass weekly? Do I participate fully and actively?
Am I making time for other faith devotions, such as Adoration, Confession, spiritual reading, and silent time with God?

2. Person
Am I meeting my basic physical needs? Am I eating well, exercising, sleeping, showering, keeping refreshed, going to the doctor and dentist regularly, etc.?
Do I have enough alone time?
Have I allowed myself time to regularly meet and keep up with friends?
Am I making sure I set aside time to pursue personal interests? (reading, writing, photography, sewing, etc.)

3. Partner
Do I recognize that I must ultimately first serve my spouse, and then my children?
Do I set aside times of the day to dedicate just to my husband?
Do we have periodic date nights? (date nights at home count!)
Do I respect his wishes in rearing our children? Or do I walk over him because I take care of the children for more hours per week, and thus must have the final say-so?
Am I kind and loving toward my husband, especially in front of our children?
Do I respect his own needs for alone time?
Do I give him my best as often as I can, or do I only give him my worst?
Do I actively seek to include him in my life and to be interested in his?

4. Parent
Am I mentally available for my children when they need me?
When I’m sitting there with them, am I really there?
Do I offer my company to my children before my presences is absolutely necessary?
Am I pleasant towards my children?
Do I show them how much I love them?
Do I make efforts to provide them with age-appropriate and stimulating activities and environments?
Am I incorporating our faith and values into their daily lives?

5. Provider
Is the house kept clean enough to provide a healthy, sanitary environment for my family?
Is the home safe?
Does my family eat healthfully?
Am I keeping the number of hours I work in healthy check? 
Do I give my children a welcoming home and stable schedule?
Is the home and laundry regularly maintained and cleaned for happier living?

How it works…

Each “P” is essential to keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle, however it is unrealistic that any mom would answer “yes” to all of these questions, nor should they be expected to. Thus, I have chosen to focus on answering “yes” to one question per category each week. For example I may set a goal one week to pray daily, set aside time to read each night before bed, schedule a date night with my husband on Saturday, keep my phone and computer off until after my kids go to bed, and provide my family with a cooked meal each night for dinner.

No mom can do it all! This questionnaire is simply a way to reflect each week on the things that are important for your happiness and rid some of the guilt that often comes with being a working mom.

Finally, I leave you with this!

10 things mom is grateful for


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