15 Reasons Why Going To Work Isn’t All That Bad

15 Reasons Why Going To Work Isn’t All That Bad

  1. Leaving the house…Seriously, how often do you get to leave the house without carrying 2 diaper bags, a purse, a toy bag, a cooler bag, two kids, an infant car seat, and a half-drunken cup of cold coffee in your hands (sometimes all at once). Instead, enjoy walking to your car hands-free! No more coffee cup left on the top of your car as you drive away. No more dropping the keys only to do the “squat of death” when you try to pick them up while balancing your kids and bags on your back, shoulders, and hips. In fact, sleep in a little later…there’s no need to plan for that extra 5 or 10 minutes it takes to load every one of you and your family’s belongings into the car. Ahh sleep, all moms could use more-even if it’s just a few short minutes.
  2. Quiet car ride on the way to work…No crying, no whining…complete silence….enough said.
  3. Drinking coffee on the way to work…Let’s face it, most days we either chug our coffee as fast as we can without burning our mouths or don’t get to drinking it until it is ice-cold. Take a coffee in the car on the drive to work and actually ENJOY it! Drink it as slow as you want (or fast). Taste it.
  4. Drive-thru coffee…Actually, why not treat yourself to a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee? You deserve it and you know there’s always one on the way to anywhere you’re going. Heck, splurge a little and get a pumpkin muffin! There’s no one in the back seat to share with so eat up! Yum!
  5. Use the bathroom when you need to…There have been mornings where two hours have passed before I’ve gotten the chance to even pee! By that time I’m running to the toilet so fast you’d think there was a big sign hanging above the bathroom door that says “Enter Here and You’ll be a Stay-at-Home Mom!”….oh wait, I forgot this blog was supposed to encourage us to go back to work…my bad ;).
  6. Use the bathroom alone…I know it’s fun to have a bathroom buddy…like maybe in college….when you’re drunk…at a bar, but now that we are all adults here, and if you’re like most women, I think you could go without someone constantly trying to wipe you, unwinding all the toilet paper, turning off the lights, and pointing at your vagina while you pee.
  7. Less time for snacking…equals healthier eating…equals baby weight loss!
  8. Eat lunch alone…without a baby on your boob…while trying to cut up your toddlers lunch…with your left hand…while they’re screaming “more!” Enjoy some peaceful eating!
  9. Eat lunch with an adult…Yes, mealtime as a family is precious time, but on occasion it might be nice to talk about real-world things outside of Elmo, poop, and boogers.
  10. Eat lunch…Isn’t it almost always the case that right when you’re about to sit down to eat, one of your kids needs you? Breakfast is usually on-the-go and dinner always seems to fall around the time your newborn has to nurse, so why not take advantage of the one meal that you actually GET to eat and at the time you WANT to eat it.
  11. Sit down while eating lunch… By the way, no need to stuff your face over the kitchen sink just slow enough as to not choke yourself. No one needs more milk. No one needs a diaper change. No one needs to be rocked or bounced to sleep. Sit down, relax, and eat your food damnit!
  12. Eat what you want for lunch…Sometimes I find myself hiding in our pantry eating a piece of leftover cake for lunch. Then I hear a knock on the pantry door…”Mama?”…..”NOTHING’S GOING ON IN HERE! GO AWAY!” But seriously, you can eat without worrying about your little ones trying to pick your plate or want what you have. Sharing is good (we tell our kids,) but please could you just this once let me eat ALL of my food and not with you in my lap feeding it to me?
  13. Use your right hand to eat lunch…All moms are familiar with the “left-handed” meals in which you are forced to eat with your left hand because your right hand is always occupied. Multi-tasking? No problem! We moms can “eat,” nurse from one boob, have one kid hanging on our leg, and somehow manage to cut an apple…with a butter knife…with our left hand. Ambidextrous? I think yes! Yet another mom talent we can add to our list of reasons why we should be considered a superhero!
  14. Errands on the drive home…You’ve already got a sitter, and she/he is getting paid the full amount no matter how early you pick-up your kids, so why not take advantage of an extra half hour to head to the store without children to pick up some groceries. Now when you actually get to see your kids, you can focus more on them and not be thinking about all the errands you have to do once they go to bed.
  15. Quiet drive home…Again, no crying, no whining, complete silence. Plus, the end is in sight and the finish line is time with your kids. Aww…smiles 🙂

Now I realize all of this may seem a little exaggerated and mellow-dramatic, and most of us wouldn’t trade any of these things if it meant spending less time with our kids, BUT my point is to enjoy the little things, take one step at a time, and maybe…just maybe, you can catch yourself a break.


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